Uwatec trimix updating for galileo

Make it your own: With innovative technology and a thoughtful, intuitive design, we created the next generation of the Galileo just for you.- Customize your screen, colors, orientation, and even the attachments to make the G2 truly your own.- Customized menu listings give you the ability to use as much or as little of the technology as you want-with easy activation of freediving, trimix, CCR and sidemount modes without downloading or upgrading required.- The G2 is poised to quickly become the favorite computer for all divers of all skill levels and goes wherever your passion for diving takes you.- Even your dive profile is one of a kind-based upon your real-time breathing rate, your skin temperature and your heart rate.

What´s included: FULL PACKAGE:- G2- Moulded Case- Transmitter- Heart Rate Belt- Read First Manual- 3M foil screen protector- USB cable- Retractor clip The new G2.

while the luna is larger than many other dive computers, it fits comfortably on the forearm and provides you with a nice large display. irda connectivity takes a few steps to set up under windows (load drivers, load software, restart windows, etc.), but we had no problems getting it to work.

the included software (smartrak) is fine, although it only works under windows (not os x on a mac). Rating: Scuba Pro Uwatec Galileo Luna Air / Nitrox Hoseless Computer with Digital Compass and Transmitter Review - Scuba Gear Reviews Reviewer: R M B. Rating: Easy to Read and Works Great Reviewer: Byron Lane This was actually my second unit.

Simply smarter and easily more vibrant; you´ll never do another dive without it.

Are you interested in Scubapro Galileo 2 Cardio Pack?

That's why the Pro-Plus 3 combines a Huge Display Area, Largest Most Legible Digits on the market and an Intuitive User Interface. Oceanic Battery Kit for OCi & OCS Computer Wrist Unit INCLUDES: Battery, O-ring and Silicone WORKS WITH: Oceanic OCi & OCS Computer Wrist Unit - also works with Mares Puck, and Puck Pro Wrist Unit Battery also available for Oci Transmitter at HD INCLUDES: Battery, O-ring, Screws and Silicone FITS: Data Plus, Pro Plus 2 Computers (Serial Number after 001071), Pro Plus 2 Computers (Serial Number range 000101-001071), Pro Plus 3 Computers, TUSA IQ-950 Transmitter The M2 is a wristwatch-style dive computer like no other.

By providing more vital, individualized information in an intuitive delivery system, you'll be able to make smart decisions based on personal data to make your diving safer and monitor fitness.

Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, we´ve combined everything you love about the Galileo with everything you´ve dreamed of in a dive computer. Easy to read:- A brilliant, colorful screen with color indicators quickly draws your attention to what you need to know.- The G2 leverages color as a tool to deliver the best readability and usability available. Easy to use:- With the intuitive 3 button control, operating the G2 is a snap.- With the G2 you can transmit your air pressure from up to 9 tanks.

De Galileo Sol beschikt over het Predictive Multi Gas algoritme waardoor er tijdens de duik tussen drie nitroxmengsels geswitcht kan worden.

Deze gassen kunnen tot 100% zuurstof ingesteld worden.

Die Tauchcomputer aus der „Galileo“-Reihe des Herstellers Uwatec sind bei Tauchern seit Jahren beliebt und hoch angesehen.

Das lag unter anderem an der drahtlosen Datenübertragung zum Auslesen der Daten am heimischen PC. Multigas-, Apnoe-, Gauge- und Nitrox-Modus, Digitalkompass, schlauchlose Luftintegration und Herzfrequenzmessung – die Liste der Funktionen der Tauchcomputer Galileo Sol und Galileo Luna von Scubapro ist lang und beeindruckend.