Resistance 2 stats not updating

If you have a website or blog, you are probably interested in seeing who visits you. All this and more is possible, get started below or learn more. There is no registration and they are completely free! Do you want to find out how many visitors are on your website? Simply copy the html code you see below and paste it into every page you want to track. No other statistics on the statistics page is getting updated either, which is also preventing me from seeing my updated stats on Overbuff and Masteroverwatch. I'm not sure how Overbuff updates but logging into another region caused it to only update on their site.

With extra data, the P value came out as 0.59 — not even close to the conventional level of significance, 0.05.” Truth be told, it required a certain PS3 firmware that wasn’t available at the time of Resistance 2’s release.We now have that firmware and are currently working to implement the feature. If you have any questions regarding the patch, please visit and post in the My message boards. Stalkers being able to move on Co-op should be interesting! It seems that the update queue is stuck again and seems to affect all platforms, not only PS3.Our Developer will have a look at this as soons as he's online again.