Gretsch serial number dating

Dating a Fender Guitar by it’s Serial Number can be a little tricky.

If you are having trouble finding the date of the guitar you are researching, try emailing the manufacturer and see if they can help date the instrument.The older version of the Round Badge used a carpenter’s tack to attach the badge to the shells while later version used the standard brass grommet to affix the badge. The bottom section of the badge reads “THAT GREAT GRETSCH SOUND”.Final production of Gretsch drums with the Round badge was in 1971 BADGE #2 1972 to 1979 The next badge design for Gretsch was an octagon shaped badge. Final production of Gretsch Drums with this badge was in mid 1979.This was the first badge used on Gretsch drums going all the way back to 1883.The badge was round with GRETSCH written across the top and DRUM MAKERS SINCE 1883 along the bottom.