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has a new cover story this week which reads “Cher’s Secret Wedding!” It’s technically accurate according to the information they claim to have, but is misleading because Cher is just said to be planning a wedding with this biker dude who happens to be 24 years younger than her, and hasn’t actually married him yet.I wish that I did the things that I really believe in, because when I do, my life goes much smoother. But the moment you had ideas that were contrary, he was not quite as interested. But when you’re doing drugs, the people you’re hanging with aren’t exactly....

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Older rich guy, younger attractive woman – so what?We all know the scenario of the older wealthy man with the younger hot babe.If you live in Los Angeles, it’s practically the norm.A highly versatile artist, Cher is an American singer and actress who got her start as half of Sonny and Cher in the 1960s.She has since amassed international fame with an array of top 10 hits and screen roles, winning an Oscar for her role in 'Moonstruck.'“I’m just the worst little Buddhist in town. Sonny was a great parent for a young child—even like 12, 13. He was the nicest person, even when he was doing drugs.