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Supergirl #61 came out this week, the second issue with the new direction for the title and the first issue with James Peaty as the sole writer.

Nick Spencer is gone after (I suppose) one half of one issue.

In the party-hearty back room of the Wharf, I came upon a big assemblage of classmates: 33 out an original count of 96.

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I took a quick mental selfie of myself in the summer of ’66 on Malibu Beach with my bestie Cindy Gruber, she with blond hair and blue eyes, I with dyed raven black hair, brown eyes, and fake eyelashes, but other than that we looked identical.

We spent our entire summer of ’66 bikinied and barefoot, dating a different surfer dude every night but caring for none of them (they weren’t deep enough; they liked the Beach Boys more than the Mamas and the Papas), scoring grass whenever we wanted it, and driving over the canyon with our windows down and the Rolling Stones blasting on the radio: “Paint it! ”OK, I realized the Vineyard class of ’66 would be ever-so-slightly culturally “delayed.” They were lucky.